Hanging Bridges in the Rainforest and La Fortuna Waterfall Private Tour

This is a full day trip in the always breathtaking area of La Fortuna de San Carlos, where we will witness spectacular natural scenery typical of the rainforest, right from the departure to our destination, along the way you’ll see the lowlands of Guanacaste and its volcanic mountain range with its 4 main prominent volcanoes , as we get closer we’ll observe the largest lake in the country Arenal lake and also the Arenal volcano one of the 5 active and most beautiful volcanoes of Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano is what is known as a stratovolcano – a tall, symmetrical volcano that’s built upon successive layers of rock, ash and lava. 1968 saw the largest recorded eruption in Arenal’s history. After nearly 400 years of inactivity, the Arenal Volcano burst open and buried over 5 mi² (15 km²) in rocks, lava and ashes.

We cannot let aside the marvelous Arenal Lake is just as monumental as the volcano that rises above its eastern shoreline. With a surface of over 33 sq mi (85 sq km) and a depth of some 200 ft (60 m), it is Costa Rica’s largest landlocked body of water.

1- Hiking & Hanging Bridges

Discovering the wonderful secrets hidden in this forest means finding a wildlife sanctuary; the high density of biodiversity makes our trails a unique place for observing species spotted along the way.

When going on this guided tour, pay special attention to the different layers of the rainforest, from the treetops, the understory and the forest floor; this way you will be able to appreciate many of the species housed by this spectacular biological corridor.

Hanging Bridges consists of:

Trail Distance: 1.9 miles. (3.2 km.)

Number of Bridges: 6 short bridges, 5 long bridges.

Trail type: Non-slippery trails. Uneven with ascents and descents.

Tour Duration: 2 hours

Forest Type: Rain forest

Landscape: view of the Arenal volcano, and a waterfall.

Average Temperature: 82ºF (28ºC.)

2- La Fortuna Waterfall

The Fortuna River waterfall is located in a biological reserve with an area of 210 acres of transition premontane tropical wet forest, part of the Arenal Volcano National Park and is located at 520 meters over the sea level, where there are sources of our mountains and the waters of the Fortuna River. Within this sector is the Cerro de los Perdidos, Placas de Mayo and Cerro Chato, which are based on rocky foundations of great geological value, causing in turn a lush and scenic beauty.

To observe this splendid 70 meters high waterfall, visitors must pass a path of approximately 530 steps, which offers greater security to its passage and comfortable areas for rest and hydration through a forest with native trees of the area. Once in front of the waterfall, you will find a spacious and comfortable vantage point from which you can freeze your memories using unique and previously unpublished photographs, and finally take a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the Fortuna River, with an only witness (the River Fortune waterfall).

At La Fortuna Waterfall place we can also find these different facilities; toilets, locker rooms, showers, rental of lockers, souvenir shops, viewpoints, an Orchid Garden and the particular River Lounge Restaurant.

This private tour includes:

• Private A/C transportation

• Profesional Tour Guide Certified by the Costa Rica Tourism Board

• Rainforest Hanging Bridges at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges

• Costa Rican Typical Lunch

• Entrance Fee to La Fortuna Waterfall

• Souvenir Shop at La Fortuna Downtown

What to bring/wear:

• Comfortable clothes for hiking

• Swimsuit/sandals/towels (lockers provided)

• Camera

• Close shoes without slits are strictly required to enter the trail

• Poncho or raincoat (in case of a light drizzle)

• Extra Dry Clothes

Duration of the tour: full day

For bookings or information about prices and packages send an email to


Instagram direct message

WhatsApp +506 8417 8368 ( text messages or voice messages only )

José Pizarro.

Guanacaste Traveler.

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