Llanos de Cortés Waterfall

This waterfall is not only one of the most striking in the province of Guanacaste but in the country, having the advantage that people can enjoy its cool water when going for a swimming in company of the family, friends or partner.

Located in the canton of Bagaces just 15 minutes from the city of Liberia, this place is run by the municipal government of Bagaces canton which came to improve the facilities with security guards, lifeguards,bathrooms, an improvement of the road and more changes to come.

This waterfall is located in the heart of the tropical dry forest and if you have the opportunity to go in the two different seasons you will be amazed by the strong change in its natural scenery.

Nevertheless the best time of the year to get in the water is during the dry season, from late November through July, September and October are the months when it rains the most and the level of the river tends to increase and the river gets a light brown color typical of the rainy season so no one is allowed to swim.

You can add a visit to this beautiful waterfall (Entrance Fee $7 adults $4 children) when you buy the following tours:

⁃ Vandara Hot Springs & Adventure

⁃ Cañon de la Vieja Adventure

⁃ Celeste River

⁃ Rincon de la Vieja National Park

⁃ Rainforest Hiking Tour at Finca Verde Lodge

⁃ Rainforest Tour and Celeste River Waterfall

⁃ Buena Vista Adventure Tour

• Difficulty: Easy

• (The local government will have the call to say if one is allowed to swim in the rainy season

• Trail type: Non-slippery trails. Uneven with ascents and descents

• Duration of the tour: 30 minutes

• Entrance Fee Not Included

It includes:

• Private Transportation

• Bilingual Tour Guide

• Souvenir shop (optional)

What to bring/wear:

• Swimsuits

• Towels

• Sunblock

• Camera

• Watershoes

For bookings or information about prices and packages send an email to

guanacastetraveler@gmail.com or

Instagram direct message

WhatsApp +506 8417 8368 ( text message or voice message only )

Jose Pizarro.

Guanacaste Traveler.

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